We accelerate
high-tech projects

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KamaFlow is an involved partner in development
of innovative and high-tech projects

We help the existing and future founders of high-tech projects with proper and efficient development and scaling. In pursue of these goals, we employ all resources necessary, including investment and expertise. We consider all industries and stages with preference towards early stage projects in IT, Internet, Industrial and Biomedical Innovations.

Business Insight

We consider deep involvement into the project as a key factor to improve business processes as well as to determine the best long-term strategy.


We work with projects and investors helping to perform a systematic and efficient work with the investments, as well as providing access to a range of financial instruments.

Innovations and Technology

We prefer to work with unique and breakthrough technologies and business approaches. We bring the best experts in relevant fields to accelerate our partners’ projects.

Our team

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Eduard Adamyan

Managing Partner

Strategy, analysis, investments

Proficient in strategic planning and
investment management in high-tech areas

Lomonosov Moscow 
State University (MSU) , MS

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Denis Krasnenkov

Executive director

Strategy, business process management

International business development professional

Business School of Lausanne, MBA
Geneva School of Diplomacy, MS

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Eugene Borisov

Development Director

Marketing, communications, 
customer relations

Marketing and business development expert

SOPS under Russian
Academy of Sciences, PhD
Lomonosov Moscow 
State University (MSU), MS

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Kirill Tishin

Investment Director

Investment analysis, business consulting, project management

Proficient in management and investment consulting fields

Lomonosov Moscow 
State University (MSU), MS

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Daria Stepanenko

Investment Manager,
St. Petersburg representative

Project management, product management, investment analysis

Expert in the field of IT products, analytics and project management

Lomonosov Moscow
State University (MSU), MS

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Yaroslav Shvetsov

Representative in Republic of Tatarstan

Analytics, business processes formation, project management

An expert in business processes optimization, brands and products formation and promotion strategy

Kazan Federal University, MS

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Almaz Edilbaev

Invetment Analyst

Investment analysis, financial modeling, investment transactions maintanence

A specialist in the field of corporate finance and investment analysis

Plekhanov Russian
University of Economics, MS
CFA level 2

Our services

Kama Flow provides its services to the projects, investors and investment institutions of all types. We work on the “success fee” basis, where an equity share in the project is granted upon achieving the key performance indicators (KPI).
  • Active search for investors, introduction of the project to a vast pool of investors the company cooperates with (business angels and venture capital funds)
  • Provision of various financial instruments: bridge loans, project finance, mezzanine capital, etc.
  • Development of a long-term strategy
  • Short-term in-depth involvement in the project ensuring improvement of business processes
  • Development of new partnerships, networking
  • Sales acceleration
  • Short-term investments, investor relations for the new rounds
  • Participation in business as involved partner
  • Assistance in business process management and long term project development support
  • Creation and management of investment institutions: project offices, business incubators, venture capital funds, etc.


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Projects in work

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Assets and transactions

Our projects

Our portfolio consists of a dozen of projects in different areas.

Payment methods aggregator in Southeast Asia


Сonstruction and special equipment distributor


Express delivery services


Export b2b-marketplace


Online services in fitness. Launched as a part of Boson Kicks activities


Fitness services online marketplace. Launched as a part of Bozon Kicks activities


Online sweet-shop


Innovative data storage systems


Electronic menu system for restaurants

CountBOX Industrial

Visitors counting system


Mineral covering technology

Several asset management companies were created with Kama Flow participation

Project office specialized in launching and development of initial stage EdTech projects

Boson Kicks

Asset management company specialized in launching and development venture projects at initial stage

Digital Wind

Project office aimed to transfer Russian technology to the Middle East region

Our partners

Our business network consists of dozens of international investment funds, consulting and technology companies, specialized media and venture institutions.

Our contacts

You have a project? You want to invest? Tell us about it!


World Trade Center, Entrance 3,
office 1505 (1608 for mail delivery)


12, Krasnopresnenskaya emb.,
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