A Russian developer of an online digital therapy platform for people with chronic diseases, Zdorovie.ru (LLC "Health of the City”, a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation and the Moscow Innovation Cluster) closed the investment round for 307 million rubles. The lead investor was the investment company Kama Flow, investors of the Syndicate venture club also participated in the transaction, among them: CEO of the club Vyacheslav Shulenin, CFO Avito Sergey Piven, co-founder of Angelsdeck Sergey Dashkov and others. The acquired share of Kama Flow is not disclosed. The investor expects that by 2026 the company will be able to increase revenue by 10 times by launching a B2C subscription and leading the emerging digital therapy market in Russia. According to the forecast of Kama Flow, by 2025 the domestic market of digital therapy and patient care will exceed 100 billion rubles. The main drivers of growth will be the ongoing migration of the markets for medicines and laboratory diagnostics to online, the development of personal medical assistants, as well as the digitalization and personalization of patient support programs by the largest pharmaceutical companies.

Zdorovie.ru is Russia's first digital therapy platform for people with chronic diseases. Digital therapy is a method of treatment using digital services (medication monitoring, diaries and symptom analytics with device integration, education, community, AI medical assistant, meditation, doctor's appointment and other services) that are aimed at changing a person's behavior and culture of attitude to their health. These services are developed on the principles of evidence-based medicine and undergo research to prove the medical and economic effect.

The platform combines digital products:
— Patient's mobile app
— Doctor's mobile app
— Analytical platform of aggregated depersonalized medical data
— Integration with medical products

All services are developed in partnership with federal medical universities, leading pharmaceutical companies and institutes. The platform is officially connected to the Unified State Information System in the Field of healthcare (EGISZ), is Russia's first “other information system” in the field of healthcare and meets all security requirements for processing, protecting and storing personal data within the framework of the legislation of the Russian Federation.
The investments will be aimed at expanding the number of nosologies and support services for doctors and patients using medical devices, as well as launching subscriptions to premium health care services.

Zdorovie.ru is the market leader in the segment of support and maintenance of patients with chronic diseases. The difference between the company and its competitors is the widest range of services for more than 25 nosologies. This made it possible to gather the largest audience in the country in more than 600 thousand patients with chronic diseases. Zdorovie.ru has created 5 thousand pieces of content with leading doctors (video tutorials, articles, podcasts, meditations, etc.) based on evidence-based medicine. More than 10 leading pharmaceutical companies are working with the project, including J&J, Roche, Sanofi, AstraZeneca Takeda, Dr Reddy's, OlainFarm and others, and for the new mobile product launched in the summer, “Health.ru Doctor” has already been joined by 3,000 specialists.

In February 2022, the company announced the attraction of 135 million rubles from the private network of clinics “Medsi” at an estimate of 1 billion rubles, however, by agreement of the parties, the transaction was frozen and subsequently terminated. The main reason was the temporary suspension of venture transactions due to increased risks due to turbulence in the market. To date, Zdorovie.ru and Medsi maintain partnership and friendly relations. Medsi explained that they continue to monitor the development of the project, highly appreciate its potential and welcome the conclusion of the transaction in such difficult conditions for the venture market.

Investing in Health.ru became the third major deal in the digital medicine segment for Kama Flow in the last two years. At the end of 2022, the fund announced the closure of an investment round with the developer of “smart operating rooms” MVS for 325 million rubles, and previously funded a Russian developer of medical image analysis systems Celsus.ai by 180 million rubles .

Eric Brovko, Founder and CEO of Zdorovie.ru: “Last year, Health.ru turned 5 years old. During this time, we have invented: more than 100 services, created more than 5 thousand pieces of content, our application was downloaded by 600,000 people. To date, there are no direct analogues on the market. Our choice to make a “super-epp” for people with chronic diseases seemed crazy and a mistake to everyone, many said that this was too ambitious a task and we could not cope, that we needed to focus and make separate applications for each disease, and we believed that a person is one, and he needs one solution that will be about it is taken care of holistically. Now I see that we made the right choice. Despite the way we have traveled, we are still at the very beginning. And I am sincerely glad that Kama Flow and the Syndicate Club have now joined us, who share our vision of the future. The following principles and values have always been at the heart of everything we do: trust, tolerance for mistakes and long-term thinking. The main asset of the company is people who follow a common mission: to help every person with health problems change the culture of self-attitude.”

Kirill Tishin, Partner, Senior Investment Director at Kama Flow: “We are consistently increasing our portfolio of digital healthcare solutions as part of our strategy to create an ecosystem of products based on medical data that will create additional value for all participants in the healthcare system from drug development to patient care. In my opinion, Zdorovie.ru currently offers the most developed line of solutions for the support of patients with various diseases on the market. Further integration with the EMC data and the development of monitoring by specialists will make the patient's path more efficient and reduce the burden on the healthcare system by reducing the risks of undesirable effects during therapy and cases of hospitalization in the hospital.”

Vyacheslav Shulenin, CEO of the Syndicate Venture Club:
“This is one of the first deals of the club involving angel investments. In the current situation, we see unprecedented interest in impact projects: both from investors and founders, who are aimed not only at making a profit, but also at solving certain social problems. Investing with an eye on future generations is a completely different level of responsibility. Zdorovie.ru is a great example of that. The company is the market leader in digital therapy for patients with chronic diseases.”

Kamila Zarubina, IO Vice President, Executive Director of the Biomedical Technologies Cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation: "Before our eyes, a small St. Petersburg team has become the leader of the digital therapy segment, a successful startup with a highly professional team and revenue of 100 million rubles. The attracted investments will help the participant of the Skolkovo Foundation to scale its solution, to involve millions of people with chronic diseases in the daily care of their health. Patients and their relatives will receive a convenient tool that will improve adherence to treatment with the help of personalized health diaries, access to the attending physician and medical devices, and the state will receive a platform that will improve the quality and life expectancy of the population."