A software development company using 3DiVi computer vision technologies has attracted 140 million rubles from the NTI Venture Fund managed by Kama Flow. One of the solutions of 3DiVi is a low-code platform for tracking a person based on computer vision technologies, which allows you to create services for recognizing and analyzing human behavior in a short time without the need to attract highly qualified IT and data science specialists.

The technological basis of the company is its own full-cycle ML platform, which includes the DataGen, AutoML, MLOps tools, and is used for industrial development of algorithms-from image classification to human behavior analysis. A distinctive feature of the project's products is the support of different types of sensors - both for mono and stereo vision (IR, RGBD, ToF, LiDAR, Thermo), as well as the ability to work algorithms on low-power edge devices (without using cloud processing).The round's investments will be aimed at finalizing and commercializing a low-code platform for human tracking based on computer vision technologies.

Dmitry Morozov, co-founder of 3DiVi: "The company is already well-known in the international market of face recognition and skeleton tracking SDKs with direct license agreements with Intel, LG, Orbbec, Rostelecom. An important strategic step for us is the creation of a platform-the transition from the sale of the SDK to the service model of offering our technologies, which, due to low-code tools that are convenient for integration, will allow our clients to significantly reduce the time and cost of computer vision projects for analyzing human actions. I am sure that with the arrival of the Foundation, our ambitions of international leadership in this area can be fully realized”"

Evgeny Borisov, Partner of Kama Flow: "With the development of recognition and identification technologies, the market has formed a global demand for reliable and comprehensive solutions applicable to various fields. Today, 3DiVi is one of the leaders in the development of solutions based on computer vision technologies, and offers a unique platform with a set of tools for creating customized services for any task. This product is able to meet the existing market demand for computer vision systems of any complexity with a significant reduction in the cost of its development and implementation. We are confident that the 3DiVi project is able to achieve global leadership, since it already shows excellent results at this stage and is recognized not only in Russia, but also abroad”"

First Deputy General Director of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF, RVC management Company) Anatoly Braverman: "The development and scaling of Russian technological developments is necessary to strengthen Russia's position in the global high-tech market. Investments in 3DiVi will help the company not only to create advanced technological solutions, but also to offer its customers a convenient service that will help them significantly reduce the time needed to develop and implement computer vision systems of any complexity."

Oleg Teplov, CEO of VEB Ventures: "The investment will help 3DiVi to complete the development in a short time, strengthen its competitive advantages and scale its products for the global IT market. According to IDC forecasts, in 2024 the artificial intelligence market will amount to $554.3 billion, with an average annual growth of 17.5%. In the five-year perspective, we expect an increase in confidence in AI-based technologies, a willingness to apply them in practice in many areas of life.”

The 3DiVi project was launched in 2011 and successfully sells its products not only on the Russian but also on the international market, has offices in Chelyabinsk and in California (USA). The company is a technology provider for developers of end-use applications for face recognition, body position and gestures. Among the clients are Intel, LG, Orbbec, Rostelecom and others. The accuracy of recognition systems and the efficiency of algorithms in the company's products successfully compete with global leaders (included in the NIST rating). 3DiVi technologies are protected by international patents and have the necessary certificates of conformity, the products are included in the register of domestic software.