The NTI Venture Fund invests 180 million rubles. to the Celsus project (Medical Screening Systems LLC), one of the largest markets for the analysis of medical images using artificial intelligence technologies.

Celsus is developing a platform to support medical decision making in the field of radiology and oncology. The system recognizes the presence of benign or malignant changes in medical images, indicates their localization, and then interprets the results according to international standards. Helps specialists in radiation diagnostics to increase the accuracy and speed of diagnosis, to minimize the omission of pathology. The project team has already finished products for mammography and fluorography, at the final stage of developing solutions in the field of morphology and computed tomography, including diagnostics of COVID-19.

Compared to other healthcare solutions, the Celsus platform is different and can provide integration with any medical image archive. Its implementation does not require expensive equipment and long training of employees. The technology is also highly accurate for reading, detecting and interpreting medical images. The accuracy of interpretation of the results of the analysis of mammography studies is more than 95%, and of fluorography studies - 93%. The efficiency has been confirmed during trial operation in the framework of pilot and commercial projects in 13 regions of Russia. The Celsus solution also became one of the leaders in the number of processed images of a large-scale experiment of the Moscow Ministry of Health on the use of computer vision for the analysis of medical images. The system analyzed more than 50 thousand mammography images and 290 thousand fluorography images in Moscow polyclinics.
The investments of the round will be used to develop events and improve the platform by increasing the types of images and data analyzed, increasing the accuracy of conclusions and adding research methods. The company also receives certification in Russia and abroad in the markets of Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.
Evgeny Borisov, partner of Kama Flow, managing company of the NTI venture fund: “The deal is significant for the fund. The global market for healthcare solutions, including the need to stimulate promising technology companies, the need to accelerate digital transformation, necessitating the search for and support of promising technology companies. The growth of medical data, the demand for it, as well as in the industries of regulation in the field of the introduction of artificial intelligence, open a window of opportunity for projects, of course, we feel the influence of these market trends. Therefore, we can say that this strategy is not spontaneous, and marked the beginning of the implementation of the strategy in the field of digital health. It is advised that the technological advantage of Celsus, its focus on foreign expansion, the ability to build a competitive international business. "
Igor Chernin, co-founder of Celsus: “For our team, Celsus is not just a kind of“ venture history ”that was created to attract investments. We initially approached the project as a business. Therefore, among the proposals that are developing, we have tended to partner with Kama Flow. It is to partnership. Just getting investment money isn't as valuable as investing with a good partner. We believe that by attracting these investments, we will be able to develop more intensively not only technologically and conduct new developments. This will also allow us to gain a foothold in the Russian market and begin to actively operate abroad."