Kirill Tishin, Investment Director of Kama Flow, Eugene Vasiliev, Project Director, and Pavel Okhonin, Executive Director, took part in a meeting with technology companies in the Perm Region.

Opening the meeting, Nikolay Kosvintsev, Head of the NTI Ecosystem department of the Perm Region Investment Development Agency, stressed that the Perm Region is an industrial and technological region and presented it from the point of view of the innovation ecosystem:

- In February 2019, we signed the" road map " of NTI in the Perm Region for 2019-2021. Today, the region has a well-developed innovation ecosystem. Last year, we received the status of the NTI Competence Center for Photonics, and in 2019, the Perm Region was recognized as the best region in Russia for the implementation of the Regional NTI Standard. Over the past two years, we have achieved impressive results: to date, the volume of attracted investments in the field of high technologies has amounted to 1 billion rubles, 25 companies have participated in the "Rhinoceros NTI" accelerator, including 7 potential rhinoceroses ("rhinoceros" is a technology company whose revenue exceeds 500 million rubles a year). This meeting is fundamentally important for us, because we would like to personally introduce representatives of the Kama Flow Foundation to our innovative companies and their projects, " said Nikolay Kosvintsev.

"To date, the NTI Project Support Fund has received 27 applications from projects and companies in the region with a total request of 3.9 billion rubles, the NTI venture fund – 13 applications, the Innovation Assistance Fund (FSI) - 30 applications, the Russian Information Technology Development Fund (RFRIT) – 5 applications are being prepared and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) – 1 application is being prepared. Investments in the amount of 350 million rubles were approved for 12 projects, " added Ksenia Shipulina, Senior Manager of the NTI Ecosystem department of the Perm Region Investment Development Agency.

Maxim Gilyaev, the creator of the SportUp project, Igor Ganin, the COO of Zvonobot and the creator of the Interactive Robot Operator of the Call Center project, and Mikhail Elin, the CEO of Digital Wave and the creator of the Tumulus Numera project (a predictive analytics system for closed warehouses based on machine vision) presented their startups to venture investors.

- We are looking for complex projects with a strong scientific component and a focus on b2b, such projects are available in the Perm Region. In addition, today, during the presentations, our colleagues focused on Neuro+Health and TechNet – all of which are very close to us. We are also aware of all the limitations of the Russian market, which were discussed today, and this is not a problem for us. We believe that venture capital is possible both in Russia and in the Perm Region", - Kirill Tishin stressed.