Partner, Development Director of Kama Flow Evgeny Borisov specifically for he spoke about promising areas for investment in the coming 2022:

"In our opinion, projects related to the personalization of medicine based on the accumulation of big data will be especially relevant in the coming year, including due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic. Already now we are seeing a significant increase in the number of transactions in this segment, I think that in 2022 the trend will continue and even multiply.

In addition, among the promising areas for investment can be noted automation and robotization of the industrial sector (humanless), as well as a new generation of platforms based on no/low-code, acting as a powerful impetus to the transition from traditional IT development to the paradigm of "development without a programmer", by the business customer.

I think that fintech, neobanks, neobrokers will not lose their relevance in 2022, especially against the background of the Nubank IPO."

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