Kama Flow was a partner of one of the largest legal forums - SibLegalWeek 2022, which was held from October 3 to 8 in Novosibirsk. The event brings together leading Russian and foreign experts in the field of jurisprudence, representatives of government authorities and the business community. The event was organized by the Agency for the Protection of Intellectual Rights "INCO", the law firm "Usconsult" together with the Government of the Novosibirsk region and the Association of Lawyers of Russia.

On October 4, lawyers for innovative companies "Lawyers for Business" performed at the Boiling Point of the Academic Park: What does the coming day have in store for you?", the moderators of the section were Pavel Okhonin, Executive Director of Kama Flow, and Ekaterina Shekhtman, patent attorney, Managing Partner of the INCO Intellectual Property Protection Agency. The end of the day was a business buffet from Kama Flow, dedicated to direct and venture investments in the current conditions. The participants discussed topical issues related to the adaptation of business to changes taking place in the market, as well as emerging investment opportunities within the country and abroad.

Learn more: https://www.siblegalweek.ru