Kama Flow partner Eugene Borisov took part in the business program of the Siberian Venture Fair, which took place on September 18-19 at the site of the "TECHNOPROM International Forum and Exhibition of Technological Development" in Novosibirsk.
The SVF-2019 has been held in the Novosibirsk region for more than ten years and is deservedly an authoritative discussion platform that provides an opportunity for professional discussion of topical issues of innovative development of the Russian economy, attracting venture capital investments, public-private partnerships and international cooperation.
At the strategic session "Hidden champions in the "Technet markets” NTI in Russia: reality, challenges, prospects", Eugene discussed with colleagues how to overcome barriers to the development of small and medium-sized technology companies. He drew attention to the problem of lack of awareness of projects about existing financing instruments, and also recommended that companies necessarily attract external capital and seek industrial partners.
As a moderator of the meeting, "Venture Funds with State Participation: Good or Bad,” Eugene Borisov suggested that the speakers discuss issues related to pressing problems of the functioning of venture funds with state capital. At the meeting, experts emphasized the overall positive effect of the emergence of venture capital funds of state corporations on the market, and also drew attention to the need to amend the legal regulation of venture capital investments of state money.