The Ministry of Digital Development is launching a new mechanism to attract private investment in technology projects. To do this, the agency, as a mediator, gathers on its site investors and companies that have previously applied to the state for grant funding and have already been evaluated by experts of the Russian Information Technology Development Fund. Representatives of the investment community and project founders welcome the initiative and the emergence of an alternative to grants. The latter, due to strict reporting requirements for the funds provided, often complicate the life of IT projects, so the new mechanism can have a beneficial effect on the development of partnerships between business and the state, market participants believe.

Kama Flow partner Eugene Borisov stressed that the demand for financing from projects has increased, "a unique window of opportunity opens" for both foundations and startups. "The paradigm has shifted: if earlier venture investors preferred to invest in b2c-oriented projects that have reached a more or less late stage of development, now they are also interested in b2b services, and at the seed and early stages," Eugene noted.