Kama Flow is the media partner of OpenTalks.AI, the leading independent open conference on artificial intelligence in Russia, which will take place on February 3-5 in Moscow.

The conference will cover all AI / ML technologies: Computer Vision and NLP, predictive analytics and recommender systems, Reinforcement Learning and AGI. Among the speakers are Alexey Dosovitsky (Google Brain) and Viktor Lempitsky (Samsung AI), Grigory Sapunov (Intento), Sergey Lukashkin (VTB) and 80 other leading Russian specialists with reports on AI development, business and science.

We invite you to take part in the event, registration is available at the link: https://opentalks.ai/#registration
Discount Promo Code: KamaFlowOT2021
More details about the conference program follow the link below: