Kama Flow together with the Moscow Seed Fund, as well as business angels-the founder of Exbico Group Oleg Popov, the founders of RDP.RU and Ecotelecom, Nikolay Guzakov and Sergey Nikulin, invested a total of 35 million rubles in the mortgage management service Refin.online.

With the help of the "full cycle" service, the borrower can independently refinance the mortgage online, change the bank and adjust the basic terms of lending. The program itself will check the documents, issue and submit an application to the bank, select the optimal additional conditions and set the date of the transaction.

The service is a partner of 20 key Russian banks. At the same time, it is aimed at the end user – the project services are paid for by the bank, not the borrower. During its existence, the platform has helped borrowers save more than 600 million rubles, the service says.

As Kama Flow partner Eduard Adamyan noted, services like Refin.online mark a new era in customer interaction with banks, essentially modernizing the standards of banking services.