Kama Flow and Morion Digital, one of the largest private technology parks in Russia, have signed a cooperation agreement. Within the framework of the partnership, the companies plan to exchange information and experience, as well as to contribute to the creation of conditions for the growth and development of innovative companies.

"We are interested in cooperation with a private investment company. Kama Flow has a portfolio of projects that are of interest to industrial partners in the Perm Region, and is also actively gaining momentum and is ready to invest in new early-stage projects. Kama Flow invests in projects with a strong secure IP, a stable team and an initial customer base, and this partnership is an opportunity for us to attract high-quality expertise, " says Oskar Yagafarov, Director of Morion Digital.

Kirill Tishin, Investment Director of Kama Flow: "Being within the walls of the country's largest private technology park, we see how a unique environment for technological entrepreneurial initiatives is being formed before our eyes. I am sure that the approach of the Morion Digital team will ensure the progressive technological development of the region, and we are ready to join forces with the technopark team. First, we see excellent prospects for the funnel of our fund's target companies. Morion Digital is the center of attraction for technology startups, giving impetus to their development. Secondly, the interaction of the companies with the technopark, as well as with other assets of the group as industrial partners, will allow them to unlock the potential of these companies. Such work is underway, and its fruits are already visible."