Kama Flow and the Center for Innovative Development of the Tomsk Region signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of support for technology companies in the region.

Within the framework of the partnership, a series of events with the participation of Kama Flow took place in Tomsk, namely a round table with representatives of Tomsk universities, individual pitch sessions with teams of 10 promising projects. On the part of Kama Flow executive director Pavel Okhonin and investment manager Sergey Gaivoronsky took part in them.

Pavel Okhonin, Executive Director of Kama Flow: "The expectations from our visit to Tomsk are to find promising companies for our portfolio. We believe that it will be possible to do this, because the Tomsk region is known for its scientific potential. We hope that we will continue to actively cooperate with the technology business, leading universities and the innovation ecosystem of the region."

Irina Khaletskaya, Director of the Center for Innovative Development of the Tomsk Region: "We hope for further cooperation in considering Tomsk solutions for attracting investment, obtaining the status of STI projects and high-quality feedback on projects. In addition, we plan to work together on the commercialization of innovative projects of our universities, to build partnerships with large businesses of the Tomsk region. Thank you to Sergey and Pavel for their openness and willingness to work not only with ready-made projects, but also with promising solutions!"

We thank our colleagues for the warm welcome!