We invite you to take part in the Kama Flow conference, dedicated to discussing the problems and drivers of the development of the healthcare products market in partnership with FRC FTM, Skolkovo and the Biosan group of companies.

February 17, 11:30 Moscow time

Online broadcast / face-to-face participation Novosibirsk, 2 Timakova str., main building, 2nd floor (FRC FTM conference hall)

During the event, experts in the field of medical technologies, biotech and pharma will talk about what problems the development teams face when bringing the solution to the market, how and at what stage to attract an investor for accelerated project growth.

☝️ Sergey Gaivoronsky - Investment Manager of Kama Flow
Oleg Pyklik – Candidate of Medical Sciences, First Deputy Director of FRC FTM
☝️ Vladimir Richter – Co-founder and Deputy Director of Biolabmix and Biosan Group

Preliminary registration is required: https://clck.ru/33XTDv