The company introduces “smart” surgical workspaces equipped with visualization and equipment management systems

The Russian developer of software and hardware complexes for telemedicine Medical Visual Systems (MVS, LLC “Medical Imaging Systems”, resident of Skolkovo) closed the investment round for 325 million rubles, the investor was the Venture Fund of the National Technology Initiative under the management of the investment company Kama Flow. The acquired share is not disclosed. Kama Flow expects that by 2026 the company will occupy more than 50% of the Russian market and will show a five-fold increase in revenue.

The key development of the company is an integrated operating room – an ecosystem of telemedicine products for the management of engineering systems and medical equipment in operating rooms, intensive care units and intensive care wards. The domestic market of solutions for the integration of equipment in operating rooms (ORI) has been actively developing recently. According to some estimates, it is significantly ahead of the world in terms of growth rates (the Russian Federation's CAGR is 62% (2017-2021), the world's CAGR is 11.2%), and is currently estimated at 63 billion rubles.

The implementation of MVS solutions makes it possible to increase the efficiency of work processes related to surgical activities, increase their comfort and safety, as well as use the MEDIKT library of depersonalized medical data (multimedia surgical atlas) for subsequent training of specialists and exchange of experience based on information about patient condition indicators, surgical interventions and manipulations performed, dynamics and analysis of the course of the disease.

Investments will be directed to the development of new technological modules, scaling of the company (including abroad) and the development of production facilities, marketing and sales.

MVS is a key vendor of solutions for automation of operating rooms in Russia. To date, the company has implemented more than 100 successful projects, the products are used by private and public medical institutions in Russia (16 cities, including leading clinics in Moscow and St. Petersburg) and the Republic of Belarus.

Andrey Kobets, Founder and CEO of Medical Imaging Systems LLC: "First of all, investments will go into the development of existing products: integrated operating and smart resuscitation MVS, multimedia library of surgical interventions Medikt. Financial support will also be provided to promising products under development: mobile versions of solutions, a terminal for ambulances, a medical portable media center. In the near future, MVS plans to scale its sales and production network, enter the CIS and Middle East markets. We have every opportunity to become a national leader developing the field of high-tech medicine in the operating room."

Kirill Zaputryaev, Founder and Development Director of Medical Imaging Systems LLC: "Our strategic direction is to create a national terminal network for collecting medical data as an infrastructure for machine learning and artificial intelligence systems, which will give impetus to the development of products in the field of digital surgery, SPD (medical decision support systems) and others in Russia innovation".

Eugene Borisov, partner of Kama Flow: “Today MVS is the only comprehensive Russian solution that does not lag behind world analogues and solves the entire range of tasks for automation of the operating room. In the future, the company will control most of the Russian market for 3-4 years, so we expect positive results from foreign expansion, mainly to the CIS markets. We hope that thanks to the development of the project, the share of equipping healthcare institutions with high-tech equipment will grow significantly in the near future.”

Vadim Medvedev, General Director of the National Technology Initiative Project Support Fund: “To date, the NTI Foundation supports medical projects totaling over 1.1 billion rubles. This development of a hardware and software complex is relevant and useful for the development of telemedicine services. New technologies, in particular digital ones, make it possible to use the experience and knowledge of a doctor more carefully, while at the same time with greater efficiency, and also increase the availability of qualified medical care.”

Kirill Kayem, Senior Vice President for Innovation at the Skolkovo Foundation: "MVS has managed to create an entire ecosystem of engineering and digital solutions for operating room automation. The company shows excellent dynamics in the implementation of its solutions and occupies a significant position in the Russian market, displacing foreign vendors of similar products. For two years, the products of our resident have been integrated into the exposition of the Center for Innovation and the Internet of Things in Healthcare of the Skolkovo Foundation and receive an excellent response from the professional medical community. The attracted investments will help to develop and scale the technology, allowing doctors to perform the most complex operations at a new level in Russia and abroad.”