Kama Flow Investment Manager Alexey Pavlyuchenko took part in the Boiling Point meeting in Perm as part of the II stream of the NTI 2022 Pre-Accelerator. Together with colleagues from Kirov Group Ventures, Alexey shared useful insiders on how to communicate with an investor.

"The process of attracting an investor is very close to selling the product to customers, so you need to prepare for the round in advance — put at least 5 months on it. First, score investors: choose exactly those who invest in similar projects, identify a person in the fund's team who has the expertise suitable for the project. This is followed by the preparation of materials — guides and open pitch sessions are available online, you can listen to the speeches of other projects and understand what questions they are asked. I recommend studying the available materials, do not hesitate to communicate with representatives of foundations. I am sure that all my colleagues from the VC industry, as well as our foundation, are always open to communication," Alexey noted.